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  1. debating whether [Daulton Jefferies] is a hold in dynasty points league. that was a rough 1st inning and it still isn't over.
  2. added him to my notebook. labeled him "fast as s---".
  3. they should have sacrificed Gallo and Ohtani
  4. Mitch White not even cracking the top 10 LAD prospects list? I get that's he spent a good portion of the year hurt but he's got some great upside.
  5. If he gets traded he'll most certainly be moved to 7th or 8th depending on where he goes. I hope he stays where he is.
  6. Is whitley the highest upside and closest from the players added? for an espn 8-keeper league
  7. Looks like we're trading it for LF eligibility. Starting tonight. I would cry if he had started at DH.
  8. It's going to suck when he doesn't have SP eligibility when he gets called up next season.
  9. no luck. not added. pretty s---y.
  10. Looks like he got in an AB tonight late in the game. Hopefully ESPN adds him this evening.
  11. who would you say has the highest possible ceilings? the absolute moon shots.
  12. He may be on the radar but the fact that he's not in the ESPN universe means if he doesn't make an appearance this year in the bigs he won't get added until the offseason which means there are plenty of folks who will surely draft him before it gets to my pick. Not unreasonable that he could see some time in relief at the end of this season and challenge mid june next year for a rotation spot.
  13. I pray he gets a shot as a reliever in the bigs this season so he can fly under the radar and make it into the espn pool. If he makes it to the amateur draft i'll never have a shot.
  14. is it inevitable that he'll eventually need TJS? If not now, next year or two?
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