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  1. It's certainly possible but I rarely ever see it. Sometimes I think he'd have to have a rocket up his butt to make it to some of these "holes" the OL has created.
  2. If Chase can complete passes downfield then he will be an improvement. If he can't, then we're looking at more of the same.
  3. It's more logical than what Kaii23 was saying.
  4. The 40 yard dash does not always equate to running between the tackles. Scouts look at their times at each 10 yard interval to check on speed burst and top speed. A person could have a similar 10 yard time as the person with the fastest 40 yard time yet have a slower 40 yard time themselves. Just looking at the total time of a 40 yard dash does little to support claims of how good a RB is.
  5. I've been trying to find some video of all his runs to see if I've missed anything but I don't recall too many times where he's missed a hole. I do believe he has because all RBs do occasionally, that's just part of the game. I just haven't seen the OL open many holes at all and it's frustrating.
  6. This hasn't proved to be the issue yet. Once he starts missing obvious opportunities to big runs then I will agree. So far I've only seen him create most of his yards because the help isn't there for him. The Bears do not have a passing threat downfield yet. Opposing teams want the Bears to beat them by throwing deep but they won't do it. Defenses are loading the box because all the Bears do is throw short passes and run on obvious running downs. They are not a hard offense to defend right now.
  7. Have you been watching their run blocking this year?
  8. The OL still needs major improvement too. Hard to run behind a terrible line. Also, having a deep passing game to keep a defense honest would go a long ways. Teams know they won't throw deep so it's safe to load the box every down.
  9. Montgomery is very talented but the run blocking and play calling have been terrible for him. A lot of his usage has been at the end of the last two games when trying to eat up clock. He was running against a stacked box and behind a line that has done poorly run blocking. The majority of the yards he has have come from pure talent alone when he's been able to break tackles, find tiny openings and fight hard. I can't imagine too many other RBs doing much better.
  10. I can't imagine anyone is ready to sell low on Kittle this early.
  11. Two weeks seems a bit early yet for a major move on him but I see nothing to make me think he's worth keeping this year. Arians has ruined his chances at a big season.
  12. I'm looking at years of fantasy football performance and that's all I care about with Winston. I don't care about him winning games because I'm not a Bucs fan. I care about him helping in fantasy football and he's proved to me numerous times over the years that he is not a reliable starting QB. He should be used for streaming purposes and that's about it in redraft leagues.
  13. Winston proved again that he's not a viable starting QB in fantasy football.
  14. Mitch looked terrible but Nagy called a terrible game and the OL looked even worse. If the OL cleans things up and Nagy balances out the offense I expect to see some improvemtn from Mitch. I'm not sold on him being a complete bust yet.
  15. Winston has proven to be too inconsistent. We all know he can have a great game but then he can follow it up with a real stinker. Not only that but he's missed a lot of games the last two years.
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