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  1. They need to move him to the 3 or 4 hole. It’s dumb batting him 5.
  2. I would expect him back Friday, they have an early game tomorrow and off Thursday.
  3. I could see him sitting the next 2 games with an off day on Thursday and then playing on Friday. Those 3 days should heal him up.
  4. Kid has wheels!!! Looks super exciting as a player, needs to hit 1 or 2 in the lineup.
  5. Currently have Turner and been eyeing Chapman. Turners age and none power so far is kinda worrying me. Chapman looks like he’s breaking out now. Thoughts??
  6. Would add now! Breakout should start soon. Solid hitter and SB potential. Hitting cleanup everyday as well
  7. Just dropped him. He’s not striking anybody out and even if he is traded he isn’t closing on another team.
  8. Scooped him up for the fantasy playoffs
  9. Redraft H2H category 12 team league. Whos the better hold between the 2. Have to drop one. I’m assuming we won’t see Vlad this year based off his injury. I’m guessing Kopech will get the call soon. Thoughts? Thanks
  10. So is it time to drop him in redraft leagues? Looks like he won’t make the majors this year now
  11. Just scooped up Rondon. If he runs away with the job then it’s a league winner. If not then we all just drop him in 2 weeks. No biggy, but the payoff is huge
  12. Maeda probably coming back sooner, and has been decent this year. You can trust him more, but if Hill comes back fully healthy then Hill is the pick. But we all know health and Hill don’t see eye and eye
  13. Everything I’ve read says he will keep the job as long as he doesn’t blow up.
  14. Is it time to start picking him back up? Looks like he pitches tonight and will be back up with the Braves next week.
  15. Well the call up watch official starts tomorrow, June 1. Super 2 is sometime this month so it could be any day now that he gets the call
  16. I would assume Crick takes over based off he’s been pitching the 8th. Heard a few podcasts mention him as well
  17. I would assume he’s getting called up next month. It’s definitely not a matter of if,but when? I’m thinking mid June after Super 2 passes
  18. Early June is the super 2 so that’s the earliest
  19. He’s crushing and on one of his hot streaks. Just scooped him up and gonna ride it till it runs out. But if he keeps mashing then I can see him staying at 1st base and hitting 4 or 5 in this great lineup
  20. Nice little return for him today! 3-4 with an RBI. Pirates are leading the NL in runs scored and he hits leadoff. Nice spot to be
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