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  1. I think he hits leadoff 1. Phillips 2. Trout 3. Upton 4. Pujols 5. Calhoun 6. Simmons 7. Cron 8. 3rd baseman 9. Catcher
  2. I'm holding and seeing how this shakes out. Change of scenery could be a good thing for him, especially in that lineup and Correa coming back. My guess is Maybin plays everyday and bats 9th
  3. Where is he expected to play? CF? If so does he offer any type of speed or is he mainly a pure average hitter? Do we think he'll play everyday over Granderson?
  4. Wow! Just picked him with Angels getting Upton and now he gets traded to Houston... I'm not sure if I should like it or not? He probably won't hit leadoff anymore...
  5. No news, has played in 3 games so far. Probably back next week on Monday if I had to guess
  6. I picked up Lyons for the Cardinals. He's been lights out for them and he pitched in the 9th last night in a tied game. Usually the closers spot.
  7. Aggravated his hamstring on a swing again! Left the game during his atbat in the 8th. Hopefully it's just a minor cramp again like last time.
  8. Good news for Sanchez. Should appeal and will go down to 3 hopefully. He should start serving them this weekend to be ready to go towards the end of next week
  9. When do we expect that these suspensions will be announced? My H2H playoffs start the first week of September! Hopefully he starts serving his suspension now to get it over with
  10. 1-3 with an RBI tonight. Looks like he should be back by next weekend!
  11. What a terrible decision to pitch Doolittle in the 8th! The guy hasn't blown a save since he's been with Washington and now dusty decides to get cute. Stick with you guns man! Wtf
  12. Bleacher report just sent out an alert ?. Question now is who takes over!?
  13. Any news on when he might return? Or even if he will return..
  14. I hope he hits 1st or 2nd in the lineup!! That would be awesome to see him put up video game numbers in his first series in Coors lol
  15. I'm sure it's not that bad... will probably miss a day or 2
  16. What happened to him!? Maybe he has to poop
  17. Just picked him up as trade bait! Hopefully he starts off hot and I can sell him for something good
  18. Looks like Bregman should get his 5th game at SS today which would nice for Correa owners like myself. I currently picked up Arcia but I think prefer Bregman and the Astros lineup better. Both hit near the bottom of the lineups and are offering the same thing hitting wise but I feel a little more confident in Bregman breaking out with the offense he plays in. Also not having the pitcher hit behind is huge hahaha
  19. Probably just because they were losing by so much and didn't want to risk injury or something
  20. Any updates on his injury!? Haven't heard anything yet! How serious is it?
  21. He was definitely grabbing his hamstring. Seemed like slight tweak or pull of his hammy. Hopefully it's just a day to day thing
  22. Looks like he might be settling into the leadoff spot now. Usually he hits 5 against rightys and 1 against lefties but not today. Hitting 1 against sonny Gray
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