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  1. Figured I'd get this going since he's on my team. Sure hope he starts hitting soon. Really wish he hit higher in the lineup though. I would hit him 2nd in the lineup with his AVG and OBP skills.
  2. What are we hoping to get out of Dahl? Top 30 OF? I'm assuming he'll bat 5th and Story 6th
  3. He played yesterday but it looks like he went 0-3. Good thing is he didn't get hurt. You can check his stats under his Milb profile.
  4. With that being said where does he project to hit in the lineup this year with Brantley and EE in the lineup?? I'm guessing leadoff and Santana drops to the 5 spot. 1. Kipnis 2. Lindor 3. Brantley 4. EE 5. Santana 6. Ramirez
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