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  1. First off, crazy good problem to have... you mustve done well with that lineup last year. In terms of who to keep as your third out of that list it's hard. I love JJJ, but he's out. So is Porter. How deep is your draft? I like that you could keep Mitch Rob without losing a draft pick, but if the draft isn't that deep, keeping Siakim is a great option too. In a vacuum I'd keep AD and Siakim, but there's a lot of moving parts here that would change my mind. As for the trade, I'd look for a better option than those two, but if they're your only choice, Embid if you keep Siakim and
  2. You definitely have the pieces to get him, but at what cost? If your keeper league is anything like mine, then rookies are overvalued massively compared to vets. As said above, the best you could do would be to trade for KD, but I doubt he takes that. He might ask for other pieces like Turner, Gobert or JRich... but if you throw them in then I think you have given up too much. I would just rest on what you've got. Only other thought would be to package Lowry with either Gobert or Turner, but I doubt he bites on that either. Thanks for the help on mine. Sorry I cou
  3. I wouldn't do it. As much as I love Kawhi, his load management is too much of a risk. If you were going to do it, Jimmy and Conley is too high a price to pay. Butler is going to get all he can eat as the man in Miami and Conley will be top 40 too. Thanks for the help with mine.
  4. I'd take Jokic, but I'm not likely to get Embiid anywhere as I have him much lower than most people. I agree that guards drop off quickly, but you should still be able to jag someone in the second round- Kemba, Booker or Trae Young. Help with mine?
  5. Jrue is clear cut- there is no debate about him. Last spot I can see how you're stuck, but I'd probably take Hield. I like Bagley and his prospects moving forward, and I think long term he will be better than Hield. Guess it's just a question of whether you want the best player for this year or longer term. Help with mine?
  6. First off, good job for having Harden and KAT as your first two keepers- that's insane! As for who your third should be, I like Bagley's upside. With Harden and KAT, you've got a strong enough starting point to draft a contending team while Bagley develops over the season. Help with mine?
  7. Definitely the PG13 side. No question. Help with mine?
  8. Agree with everything above, especially the above poster... For me the decision is between Kyrie and Turner. JJJ could be anything and you don't want to miss out on that ride. Help with mine?
  9. Dwight Powell, but I wouldn't mind rolling the dice on Will Barton as well. He had a rough year with injuries last year, and there's a logjam for minute in Denver, but if he is back to full health he could have a great year. Help with mine?
  10. Coin flip between Harden and KAT for me. I'd probably lean towards Harden because I feel like guards dry up quickly this year. Help with mine?
  11. If it was H2H I think it's clearly PG13. Roto makes it harder. I'd probably still say do it, but you'd have to hope that George doesn't get the load management treatment on his return. Help with mine?
  12. I like the deal for you, but probably not as much as everyone else. Per game I think Booker is better than Trae, but Booker has only played 54 and 64 games the last two years- high chance that keeps happening with the Suns being the Suns so if it was just 1 for 1, I'd probably go Trae. SGA gets this over the line- I think he's primed for a big year. Help with mine?
  13. I'm on the Mitch Rob side. Load management for KP outweighs the Fizdale risk (IMO- though I totally get that fear). After Robinson has been in the league for one year, we are already comparing the two... I think his game grows over the next couple of years. I know there's way too much hype around him, but that doesn't change that he will be a stud. Help with mine?
  14. I would pull the trigger for sure. Lillard in line for a top 10 season. Fox and Bryant should improve this year (I'd be worried about Galinari), but Lillard side wins out in my books. Help with mine?
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