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  1. What a game. Congrats to all who played him. Came through in a huge way when it mattered most, stud performance.
  2. He posted this before the New England game. He was referring to that game, not this upcoming one.
  3. Gurleys not coming back in. Don't really understand why this is in question
  4. He'll still see enough targets to be a very solid fantasy contributor ROS.
  5. I'm more worried about that pass rush getting to Rivers than anything.
  6. He certainly passes the eye test, in my opinion at least. I agree with those who are hesitant to consider him the clear number two as NFL teams can be unpredictable but I think he certainly deserves the chance with what he's shown.
  7. Pats defense is garbage. If Doug sees the carries he should have a nice game. TNF means even more reason to run Martin often since he'll be the freshest out of anyone.
  8. I disagree. No one would be productive behind that offensive line last Sunday. Can't do much when a defender is in your face immediately after the snap. It's beyond me Seattle didn't address the issue more in the offseason.
  9. I'm for it. Parkers floor is probably a little more shaky than guys like Tate and Edelman but I would argue he has a much greater ceiling.
  10. His soft contact% has been considerably higher this month while his GB% has been considerably lower. Is there any correlation between those two? Small sample so I don't know if it means anything.
  11. Yeah I expected much more. Swing and a miss on this one.
  12. Yeah we'll never see you back in here after he turns it around, is what I think you meant.
  13. Yeah it's been disappointing thus far. Hopefully he gets on a role. Maybe the rest messed with him or something (being a little optimistic).
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