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  1. He doesnt use his fastball enough. Its just split, split, split, slider, split, split, fastball, split, split....so on and so on. Texas hitters have been sitting on his split all night. Laying off the ones out of the zone and pummeling the ones he leaves up. The splitter is ineffective if you dont use your fastball and play the split off it.
  2. If he pitches bad again today I will be cutting bait
  3. Why are Nola's runs allowed being scored as earned? The error led to both runs coming in.
  4. Big time power surge for Bryant the last 10 days or so
  5. Its too bad they dont have a significantly better option ready in AAA to replace him right now. Oh wait.....
  6. Suarez with a bomb off Hill. Absolute bargain at 3B. So underrated.
  7. I'm a frustrated Goldy owner, and I have this possible deal on the table. Should I do it? Goldy obviously has been awful and his underlying stats look even worse. Abreu is solid and Greinke has been real good. I also really need the pitching help. I know it's selling Goldy at his absolute lowest but even so I feel like this would be a good return.
  8. And I thought owning Harper and Goldschmidt would be fun. Sigh. Its been the complete opposite.
  9. I swear the amount of hard hit outs Harper has had lately is just beyond insane. Also, screw the humidor.
  10. I re-call Cards fans booing Tino Martinez in 2002. Every fan base does it.
  11. The 8-27 Reds treating this game like Game 7 of the WS. Pulling Castillo at 5.2 and 81 pitches. Good grief.
  12. Yeah he actually was fine yesterday. The 3 hits he gave up werent hit well. I think 2 of then were broken bat soft line drives that just fell in.
  13. 4-8 today in a doubleheader. Up to .398 and hitting .514 in his last 10. At this point, I think he needs to get bumped up to AAA. He isn't being challenged at all at this point. He's a year ahead of where Correa was, but Correa in his age 20 season started at AA. He raked there, went up to AAA, and then ended up in Houston putting up a .279/.345/.512 triple slash. Miguel Cabrera was called up from AA at age 20, and put up a .793 OPS for the Marlins. Its not unheard of. I would send him up to AAA right now. If he's still raking around the ASB, and the Jays are fighting to s
  14. Traded Bundy for Andrelton Simmons and Aaron Sanchez
  15. Its mostly mental. He seems to have issues with confidence. Also being such a tall guy, he does have problems repeating his delivery. He's really always had those problems even back when he was a starter in the minors. They just seemed to be more under control for a few years but now they are more prevalent again.
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