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  1. Sigh. I hate when you lose before the first half is over. Anybody else’s day ruined?
  2. Edmonds, Washington, Booker for me. Let’s go!
  3. I agree. I saw classic AB in terms of route running, separation, etc. I still wish he went to another team however. I think even in Seattle he would have more opportunities and better QB play than in Tampa.
  4. Pulled the trigger. This is what fantasy football is all about.
  5. I wonder if somebody is getting dealt to another team with the deadline looming.
  6. Really wish he went to SEA, NO, or GB. He'd be feasting in NO.
  7. J. Kelley and C. Davis for Drake?
  8. Sometimes situation matters more, Tampa is the perfect scenario imo. If they can support a RB2-3, which they should be able to, who has pedestrian talent then someone with a better skill set (pass catcher; i.e Freeman) in that backfield could prosper.
  9. Can't believe the Bucs haven't jumped on him yet. They must have faith in that current backfield.
  10. I feel bad for the kid. One of the most talented RB's in the league but other aspects of the offense are handicapping what he can do. Maybe we will see true Mixon next year when their line is healthy.
  11. Be nice if Brady went through some progressions. He’s been staring WR’s down.
  12. I'm not opposed to a Connor benching for Samuels next week.
  13. So frustrated with 49ers RB usage. Breida is clearly the superior, this timeshare is killing me.
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