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  1. I am in. Sorry for that, most want payment ASAP, so I figured that was the better route to start.
  2. I paid through LeagueSafe, but it isn't allowing me to join in ESPN. twells02@gmail.com
  3. I made LeagueSafe payment, but it won't let me join the league as it says full.
  4. Looks like 11 people have paid, so one spot would be remaining.
  5. Can you send me the payouts, covid plan, and any other league rules (I don’t need scoring, rosters, or any league settings as that is viewable through Yahoo)? twells02@gmail.com
  6. Send an invite to twells02@gmail.com. I will draft tonight if it happens. Would prefer 10 EST, but can likely make 9-9:30 EST start work as well. I can't do tomorrow though.
  7. Are the draft dates and times set in stone? Making sure before I pay that it won't be changing.
  8. Your league you have posted has a bunch of oddball scoring set up. Instead of being a troll, you should just not comment on other people's leagues if you don't like them.
  9. I am potentially interested. I have a couple questions. Twells02@gmail.com
  10. I would like to see the league settings. Twells02@gmail.com
  11. I am interested in seeing the league settings and payouts. twells02@gmail.com
  12. I would love to see the league settings/scoring. Twells02@gmail.com
  13. I am interested in the league settings, payout structure, and bylaws. Twells02@gmail.com
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