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  1. Minnesota @Timberwolves Status Update: D’Angelo Russell will NOT return to tonight’s game - Left Leg Soreness.
  2. What happened tonight guys? Did anyone watch the game? Such poor stats
  3. so difficult to decide.... just 2 days left before my leagues trade deadline The guy has been awesome in these two games, first round value do we keep him with the risk or trade for a 3rd-4th round guy??? if this cortisone thing will hold out the pain for a few months its definitely worth the risk though
  4. Why isnt he getting any touches or rebounds? The minutes are ok
  5. İ was hyped after preseason but..... Keeping faith
  6. ....i was in peace. Had made the decision to send him to the ww. But i said to myself just give him one more chance.... And then he does this:) The suffering will continue....
  7. İ traded collins for Pascal today.... Just didnt have ir spot open. Couldnt wait for Collins anymore....what do you guys say?
  8. so difficult to own at the moment. Usually second year is the time when players with potential strive. Guess i miss calculated this one
  9. two good games in a row. İnteresting that HB's return hasn't hurt his usage
  10. good numbers last night. hope he continues to accelerate
  11. I agree with most but the only problem i have with that is him taking the ball half court, passing the ball to Booker and thats it. If Booker is on he seems to share the ball with no one... I think 16 shots a night is enough for Bledsoe for scorin numbers - but the thing that disturbs me is the ball not moving around as it should when booker is on.
  12. guys im confused he had a very good second half last night, but when i look at the amount of shots taken, booker is still freeking me!! im thinking of selling as well
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