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  1. Take the bat like everyone else is saying. Arms are too unreliable.
  2. I like it with the upgrade with Snell. Thanks for mine.
  3. Who would you rather have? Trying to decide my last keeper. Note: I have Devers as my primary 3B so Moncada would be a utility for me.
  4. It's 3 years after they're kept, so virtually 4 years total. No penalty for keeping someone multiple years. They're all year one for me so I would have them all for three more years at these rounds.
  5. Understood he's not really considered in that tier but my only thought on him was his keeper round was so high. He did have 36 HR and 91 RBI in 483 AB last year. He was my last pick of the four though just wanted to ask. The two that asked for help on theirs, I'm not very familiar with dynasty leagues so I don't want to give you bad info. Thanks for the help though.
  6. My league allows 4 keepers in the round they were selected the year before. FA picked up mid-season count as your last pick. It's a H2H, mixed, 12-team league. Currently I'm keeping Devers (round 9), Tatis (round 15), and Hiura (round 22) I'm undecided on Flaherty (round 3), Story (round 3), Moncada (round 11) or Olson (round 20). My initial thoughts were to keep Moncada at that value and his name and try and flip him. I'm now contemplating Flaherty as it seems he will probably be the best pitcher available when my first round pick comes along
  7. Need one for my FLEX. Leaning PL because of better talent but JS match up is nice.
  8. I wouldn't. If you have Murray and not Kamara you should be able to get something good from the Kamara owner after he saw what he's done the past two weeks.
  9. Ridley for me too. Thanks for mine.
  10. E. Sanders tonight vs KC Or Waller Sunday at GB
  11. Dude in my league last year had Barkley, Green and Thielen and then traded for Gurley. Clear cut favorite. Guess who beat that a** in the finals!? Trade is totally fair. I just traded Saquon for Aaron Jones in one of my leagues. Granted I lost A. Brown too but still. Dude does you no good being hurt and your manager may be out of it by the time he's healthy.
  12. Anyone ever play around with the settings and adjust points for the position? Default has it at 0-39 is 3 points, 40-49 is 4 points and 50+ is 5 points. Having a great week and losing because a kicker put up 20+ sucks. Anyone ever try something like 0-39 = 1 pt, 40-49 = 2 pts, 50+ = 3 points. This way they're still relevant by adding points but not influencing it greatly like you sometimes see now.
  13. I dropped. Sick of seeing an ofer every night. Will look to target next year at a discount but he's been useless.
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