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  1. Acuna at 11 in that article is criminal
  2. I would probably hang on and hope he figures it out.
  3. I tried Lindor for Sale in my league, no such luck. Would definitely do Turner for Sale if you can get it done
  4. Kikuchi is a FA in my 12 teamer, I would take a shot on Cease if your willing to wait.
  5. H2H Redraft League, 6x6 Cats Eflin and Tatis Jr. for Corbin and Devers Which side do you think gets the nod here?
  6. Any news on why he left the game? Aside from sucking a** this year...
  7. The whole lineup is trash right now, Voit and the rest of the team will figure it out soon.
  8. He’s eligible April 4th, my money is on he returns that day.
  9. In what universe is Byron Buxton going in round 25?
  10. Niiiice, same here, took Ramirez at 4, and Lindor at 21...go Indians I guess!
  11. Just got him at 21 in a 12 team H2H...he's definitely still scaring people away.
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