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  1. I need Benny Snell to outscore Gus Edwards by more than 3 points. Or I could replace Snell with Dobbins and need the same thing.
  2. I actually hope they hold him out until after the bye and have him 100% for the fantasy playoffs. I've nursed my team with him into first place without him most of the year. I'm already in. If they shut him down for ROS I will not be happy though. It's a high stakes league and I'm probably gonna need him to pull off the gold.
  3. I've lost a lot of players to injury (McCaffrey, Kittle, Courtland Sutton, Michael Thomas, and AJ Brown being most prevalent). But my RB2 slots have been the most frustrating. Melvin Gordon and Mark Ingram have been nearly useless and both of them fell to me in the fifth round of big money leagues where I had early picks and waited a bit on RB2. I knew Ingram wouldn't be a star like last year (like 18 TDs or whatever he had) because of Dobbins but to nearly fall off the face of the earth was not expected. I fully expected him to be the leader of a committee on a high sc
  4. Stefon Diggs to go off, Seattle to kick a lot of field goals, and Chris Carson to not do much.
  5. O'dell screwed me over yet again (seems like 3/4 weeks he does) and I never got the memo that Jonathan Williams would play almost no role after 30 touches and well over 100 yds + TD last week. I sat other solid options for him. Also, CMC, who has been the team anchor, finally let me down when I needed it the most.
  6. [...] For O'dell it's a combo of a few things. He's probably not as elite as everyone perceived him (more one dimensional than versatile). Baker is not as good as everybody perceived. And probably most importantly, the pass blocking sucks and Jarvis Landry is better at running shorter, more precise routes that get him open quicker. I am shocked that we haven't seen more of those ODB quick slants that he always liked to take to the house in years past.
  7. It really feels like FF is more of a crapshoot than ever. A few years ago it felt much easier to predict and know who the "studs" are, who is going to take advantage of matchups, and draft/play accordingly. This year there are just a small handful of guys you can count on every week. Most teams are offense by committee and you can almost just roll dice as to who is gonna do good or bad on a given week. Also it sucks when you have a great team but have bad luck when you just happen to run into the team that goes OFF a few weeks in a row. I have a team in a big money league with 100 more p
  8. I just can't fathom how he is treated as just one of a couple equal WRs on a run first team. Not even a 1A.....[...]
  9. He's so good but probably about the most likely player in the league to have a soft tissue injury. The problem is that he usually plays through it and is a decoy or non factor. I'd rather he just sit out and get healthy and not give you false hope that he's gonna be himself out there.
  10. I was low compared to the consensus on Mixon (due to situation/OL) a month or two ago. Now I find him falling to me at the 2/3 turn and liking the value.
  11. OJ Howard, Odell Beckham, JuJu, Christian McCaffrey, Sony Michel, Joe Mixon, Latavius Murray, Justice Hill. I'm surprised that I have as many shares of Mixon as I do because I was much lower on him early in the draft season than consensus. But he's fallen to me multiple times at the 2/3 turn and I felt I had to pounce based on volume and talent, even though I dislike the overall team situation.
  12. Good: Koerner, Boone, Ciely, Paulsen, Evan Silva, Chris Raybon, Some of the Yahoo guys (Pianowski, Behrens), Fitzmaurice, Ratcliffe. Avoid: Adam Rank, Dave Richard, Bobby Sylvester, Brad Evans (though he's bold and entertaining), Rotoworld guys after Silva left, ESPN guys for the most part, NFL network guys for the most part.
  13. I'm picking Darwin up where I can. Seems as though he's going to be the #2 behind DW. Will probably get some touches weekly with potential for big plays but if Williams goes down he could have league winning upside.
  14. I like being in the top 3 this year. Just drafted a big money league from the 2 spot and ended up with C-Mac, ODB, and JuJu. Grabbed McCaffrey and then everybody went running back heavy in the second round. Was shocked to see Odell at 19 and then Juju at 21.Then I grabbed Diggs and Josh Jacobs in rounds 3 and 4. The league I drafted from the 10 spot I felt like I was forced to make a lot of tough choices with players I didn't necessarily love. That's only my experience with two real higher dollar leagues.
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