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  1. Looked good in a non-save situation against the White Sox. What an endorsement. 🤣
  2. Fixed. Doesn't change the point at all.
  3. Leclerc looked confident pitching the 10th in a tie game and came away with the win. Sounds/looks/feels like they are going to force the late innings to him to get him back to where they want him to be, which is performing like he has for most of the summer, only in the closer role.
  4. I'm not a doctor and don't have any real knowledge of his injury past what I've read. I've lost the top spot in SBs in a roto league since he's been out so I'd love to see him back. However, I can't comprehend why KC would feel it necessary to bring him back at all this year. Have him take his time with it, there is literally nothing to play for. Shoulder injuries are tricky and have a propensity for re-injury more so than most other types of injuries. It's difficult to imagine a subluxation being fully healed with such a short rehab period. I understand it's his glove side sho
  5. Do the Astros have some fingernail strengthening guru on staff? Or is it that they can teach him to throw the ball with a better grip? If it's the former, LOL. If it's the latter, why would Astros staff be the only ones with this knowledge to impart? Will they just stop having him throw whatever pitch is giving him that trouble?
  6. And it's entirely possible the update is about whatever the Rangers got in exchange for him.
  7. Options decrease by 1 once a player is sent down that season. He's already been called up so that's already happened. Next time he'd lose options would be next season if he was sent down.
  8. This is not really a productive exchange so I'll walk away with one last retort. You said "these days", which sets the bounds for recency. THEN you went and (drastically, by 20 years to be exact) extended the timeframe you're considering once another poster made a counter point. I must've missed where you reported what either of them are owned per year since that's not on this page. Oh well.
  9. Sadly for you, I don't think you put much thought into that. (Very) Rough back of the napkin math to follow. Since Sale is still being paid on his 7 year contract, the Sox have paid him $38million through the end of this year over 3 seasons. In that time he's lost 21 games, not including tonight. Works out to ~$1.81million per loss. Recall he hasn't gotten great run support for a lot of his time in Boston, so those losses aren't even all on him and this calculation puts the entirety of what he's being paid on his losses. By comparison: Stanton will have been paid $51million
  10. Threw plenty of sliders out over the plate and fastball was all over the place. Even if Martin is moved, Kelley could be back in 2 weeks and Leclerc goes right back to being the fireman, where he has been pretty reliable.
  11. The only thing that gives me pause is that Martin could be dealt. Can't imagine Kelley will be moved considering he is on the IL for at least another 2 weeks. Leclerc has excelled in his role outside the 9th and been horrendous otherwise. So if Martin leaves, we might see Leclerc sucking in the 9th until Kelley comes back, but the other possibility is that he figures it out since I don't know who else they'd give save opps to with Martin gone and Kelley unavailable. Either way, I think I'll take my chances elsewhere.
  12. Also worth mentioning that on the play that scored the go ahead run in the 8th, Hendriks reached to deflect the ball that in all likelihood would have been an inning ending double play. As it was, he was lucky that Profar made a diving barehanded play to get the runner at first.
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