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  1. Any teams left? Looking for a league with Polish fantasy baseball members who like to drink vodka......
  2. interested - Fantrax email is me@ddrumz.com
  3. please sent me the rules and an invite to fantasyteams@ddrumz.com
  4. Took over a team mid-season that is in last place...Keep 28...slowly trying to rebuild for the next couple of years. 16 Team 6x6 (OBP/TB/R/RBI/HR/SB) + (K/QS/W/SV/ERA/WHIP) No Start Limit per week on SP C- MARTIN 1B - MORRISON 2B - GENNET 3B - NUNEZ SS - GALVIS 2B/SS - HAPP/SWANSON 1B/3B - DRURY OF - HERRERA/MANCINI/REDDICK/INCIARTE/CARGO (START 4) UTIL - BRADLEY JR SP - JC RAMIREZ/SKAGGS/NEWCOMB/MIRANDA/PIVETTA/PERDOMO/NELSON/BRIDWELL/MEYER/ANDRIESE/S. MILLER RP - KINTZLER/DOOLITTLE/T. WATSON
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