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  1. lol wut? u mean the two guys that scored 30 pts a piece on 65% shooting? I want NAW to do well too but don’t be ridiculous. Hopefully he can get 30 mpg once Ball is gone, get some well-rounded lines and have better shot selection like tonight
  2. ahhhh, flashback to the days without Capela. Monster line tonight!
  3. I thought we were going to see the comeback of this guy:
  4. Watching this guy play is hilarious. Just gets after the ball, the type of player you hate playing against!
  5. He's gettin the start tonight! H.O.F. incoming!!
  6. No kidding, watch out if he gets up to his usual 3rd Q antics.
  7. Balled out tonight, better be getting some Popeyes!
  8. I feel like this dude just loves the 3rd Q. I often check the box score at half and am not thrilled or OK with it, and then 5-6 mins later he just turns it on and has another multi-cat gem for a glue guy.
  9. This is the best roller coaster thread on here.
  10. Sad to say I'm off the train, moved Boucher and Lamb for Jrue Holiday and was sorta regretting it, but now I'm glad it may be the safer bet. Hope Toronto doesn't get Drummond for their sake and you all who still have Boucher!
  11. For sure, fair move, but seems like he's earned some minutes even with everyone back. Understandable if there's a better pickup available though.
  12. Quietly had a really nice line tonight after a crappy start, and starting to be pretty consistent over last few games.
  13. Don't pay any attention though, just listen to the RW writers, "It's time to cut bait."
  14. Yes, let's hope it helps him get in the groove! Nice bonus with the steals and block too!
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