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  1. Somehow I got 2 teams. U need to delete 1 wont let me
  2. Ya I ain't waking up butt a** early to draft. It's still early tonight
  3. whats up brother need a fantasy league?

    1. Yourdad420


      What's the details 

    2. Jp90925


      Hello Everybody. While we all sit at home missing baseball and waiting for life to get back to normal, I've created a 20 team H2H 6x6 Categories league. The goal of this league is to help get our minds off things for a bit and get us excited for the start of the season. (whenever that may be) As of right now this is a free league with no entry fee really just looking for a legit long draft to satisfy our baseball minds for 1 night, however if enough players are interested in a cash league we can always make a change.


      This league is brand new. So far only 3 spots are filled and we're aiming to draft tomorrow night, Saturday April 11th. So if you are interested please respond to this post or write my personal email jpuzin25@gmail.com  ASAP


      This will be a long draft! Auction drafts typically take longer, and with 20 teams we can expect about 4 hours of drafting. Please see the position list and score settings below.


      Offensive Categories

      Batting Average, Runs, RBI, Steals, OBP, Home runs 

      Pitching Categories

      Wins, Quality Starts, ERA, WHIP, K's, Saves+Holds


      We will start the auction with $300 each and you will need to fill the roster spots below

      1 Catcher

      1 1st Base

      1 2nd Base

      1 3rd Base

      1 Shortstop

      3 Outfielders

      1 Utility

      3 Bench Slots

      5 Starting Pitchers

      2 Relief Pitchers

      2 IL Slots

      1 Extra Pitcher ( for roster flexibility)


      4 divisions, 8 teams will make the playoffs, winner of each division and the best records after them. Post your email below if you are interested or email me directly jpuzin25@gmail.com

  4. I'm down with ed buzz. F China. Tired of s---y stuff made by a 9 year old. I'll pay the extra in the future. Time for Americans to start looking out for each other. We can fight over politics race relations etc but at end of the day China doesnt care if your white black etc. They kill all our families and not give 2 *****
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