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  1. Hopefully the Eagles’ end-of-season shenanigans ends up depressing his value next year. He’s far from a slam dunk but he’ll offer unparalleled upside at the range he’s going to be drafted in. I’d be happy to take a shot if I’m waiting on QB.
  2. We feel fine. So far he’s been high-floor, low-ceiling. He hasn’t scored since Week 9, which explains the low-ceiling, so hopefully he finds paydirt this week.
  3. So he’s an obvious start for those without a top3 TE, but how are we feeling with him as a flex option for those that do? No idea how to value his projections among some of the RB2 dart throws this week [...] Seems very high-risk, high-reward.
  4. You heard it here, folks, this guy supports keeping Taysom Hill as TE eligible in ESPN leagues. 😳
  5. Are we universally dropping him? For those of you with a bye, are you holding another week? Expecting him to return, let alone provide any meaningful value seems like a pipe dream at this point.
  6. Right. It’s funny; earlier in the season I was complaining about his lack of volume and inevitable touchdown regression. Well, the touchdown regression came but the volume has been trending up. Frankly, I’d rather have this type of profile as a fantasy player. He will very seldomly lose you your matchup and if he hits pay-dirt, awesome. That probably means we should all avoid the hand-wringing and just start him every week.
  7. Never trust Carroll. Even if he’s being candid, the prudent takeaway is to take whatever he says with a grain of salt. Like the commentator above stated, if he gets in practice this week, you play him.
  8. Yea, the poor start seemed obvious in hindsight but I’m OK losing with him in my lineup. He’s carried me this far and if that’s where it ends, I tip my cap to the overachieving rookie. If he continues to struggle ROS, might bring his value down some for next year with (hopefully) a competent coach.
  9. From Mike Tagliere’s primer this week: Ugh, these experts getting in my head again. Taking the plunge with Duke for the third straight time after showing us absolutely nothing seems like a losing proposition. On the other hand, would it be surprising to anyone if he went off on our benches? 🤔
  10. Let’s quit feeding the troll. Anyone with two eyes can see the kid’s got talent beyond his years. Add the LAC defense being doo doo, and you’ve got the right formula for a top 5 fantasy QB.
  11. Man, I don’t have the stomach to start him again. It feels like we’re constantly rationalizing starting him but when game time rolls around, we quickly regret it. The only upside he provides is hoping he breaks loose once and finds the end zone. His best asset is his pass-catching but Watson seems averse to dump-offs. And inside the five yard line, they’re way more likely to let Watson keep it himself. The poster above claiming 4-11 points any given week seems pretty accurate.
  12. Missed a lot of the game. Was he in on 3rd downs? I know they sprinkled him into some two-back sets last week which is obviously encouraging. If he can shed the game script dependency, look out.
  13. Man, this was driving me nuts watching it live. I agree that it looked like his shin touched the ground before he landed out of bounds but the local commentators and Scott Hanson all thought it was a foregone conclusion that it would be called back. I figured I was just being a homer.
  14. WFT went with some two-back sets this weekend. Gibson actually saw the field on 3rd down and if that continues, I do expect the touches to trend up. I think they’re starting to play to Alex Smith’s strengths and it bodes well for Gibson to finally be getting some check downs. It’s a much better outlook than him being phased out completely due to negative game script.
  15. TD-dependent WR3 ROS. Hope you were able to sell high when you had the chance.
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