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  1. Stay away Kyrie, Joey Harris is part of the big 3 now
  2. I really need him to get Center eligility in yahoo, is that gonna happen ?
  3. I'm scooping williams in the morning....hopefully haha
  4. I was Dumb*** and drafted whiteside, would y'all make a swap like that ?
  5. Well said, he's a jackknife pickup. He just looks like he fits with this squad.
  6. I don't think anyone picked him up for his scoring, he's providing out of position boards and assists plus stocks. Also nobody calling him a league winning type pick up, but def worth riding until the wheels fall off.
  7. I set an alarm so i can pick him up at 2am lol
  8. He won't be available in a week, life is full of difficult decisions lol
  9. Thanks for the playoff discount, perennial top 15 guy has a few bad weeks and falls to end of 2nd round.
  10. He's gonna snipe all year with kyrie and Durant getting all the attention.
  11. As a shareholder in Fubo I absolutely love seeing this lol
  12. I just plugged him into my deep dynasty matchup lol
  13. Roll Tide, he's a beast. Eff the haters. Let's roll big dog.
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