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  1. Conley. No shutdown risk, solidified role unlike dray
  2. I got a glut of guards, plus lowry and dipo on the mend, so i'm going to need some efficiency. WHIR
  3. As an avid Knicks fan, I had to make the add. That said, hes going to be a roller coaster to own so I am not sure how long I will hold onto him. He does offer rare upside in blocks and fg%, something thats pretty scarce on my wire. I couldve went with Zeller but I feel like the Knicks will be focusing and purposefully featuring M.Rob where Cody is sort of in the background. In competitive leagues, he will most likely be added soon. I feel like he will have a Jarett Allen-esque rookie year. He can blow up for 5 blocks one game, and then get you 6pts and 6rebs the next. I took him as
  4. Yeah I am. They do a terrible job and mis-rank tons of players. I'm able to take advantage of that. I still stand by my point, I think hes declining and isnt a great pick. I'll revise it and say 80 or below isnt great. After 100 its value and post 115 its very good value.
  5. Hes a prime example of relative value. I normally would never take him, but i got him at 126th which is such a low risk. I have no attachment to him whatsoever so if hes trash, hes a cut. That said, hes proven for years he could easily be an 11/7/1/1 guy with great %s and low TO. That's most likely a good last/2nd to last bench guy. Had you drafted him under 100, I would've said its a bad pick, but if you nab towards the end, its very low risk.
  6. I took Ingram at 66th in a 10 team h2h. I think 3rd-4th year players usually the ones who take big jumps. They have a good understanding of how the NBA works at this point and are able to focus more in the off season on what they need to improve most. I think Ingram is primed for a nice increase. Theres no real second scorer in LAL and i think Ingram will take that spot. Bron will make his life easy and while his assists will go down, his effciency will increase. Once i saw the FT% increasing, he really doesnt have such terrible downside there. Plus the Lakers are going to push the pace and th
  7. Turner side for sure. Cove is playing so well right now.
  8. Use a waiver on Henson? Blocks are scarce WHIR
  9. I do and I dont. On one hand, he has had numerous injuries so its possible he goes down anytime. On the other hand, he looks really good and thin. I also think that playing in the second unit and getting less minutes will do well for his body. I mean, we've seen countless players who were injury prone until they werent. IE Wall with the knees, Curry and the ankles, Brook, Eric Gordon, Brad Beal etc. Obviously Tyreke has had more chronic injuries than these players, but the point is that players can string together healthy seasons and maintain fantasy value
  10. The Bayless injury was enough for me to add. Sixers trying to win now. While Fultz is the future, hes still too raw to really impact the team and lead the team to Ws. At this point, they are past the player development over trying to win games. If Mcconell can carve 25-28mpg no reason he cant be top 100 player.
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