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  1. 10 team league. 0.5 ppr, 6 point passing touchdowns. start 1 qb, 2rb, 2wr, te, 1 regular flex,1 superflex My qb situation is shaky due to injuries. And I have some tough calls at RB and flex. For qb, options are Ryan vs bucs, Minshew vs ravens, or Trubisky vs Vikings. Need at least 1 for qb. Could use a second in superflex Rb, I need to pick drake, montgomery vs Vikings, or Mike Davis vs packers for my rb2 spot. (Have henry as rb1). For flex, I have allen Robinson, or whatever leftover RB from above. Superflex, whatever qb left over, or Robinson, or a rb.
  2. PPR league. I'm a favorite so looking for consistency more than anything. Who you like at wr of these three options: Boyd vs steelers Pittman vs Houston Emanuel sanders vs KC Currently have Pittman in, but leaning sanders with brees back and thomas out. WHIR! Thanks!
  3. Ppr league. Trying to decide on a wr2 to start this week. Thankfully I'm stacked elsewhere. I currently have Tyler Boyd, but not thrilled with him. Who should I try to add? Or stick with boyd? Here are the best options of who's on the wire: Pittman Agholor Bowden Hanson Lazard MVS
  4. Great discussion on handcuffs. I've been debating this as well. I have Henry in both my leagues and own foreman and evans in both. In one league, we have a shallow bench, so this is becoming more challenging. Foreman has looked solid, but I worry it ends up being rbbc if henry goes down. Unfortunately not a ton on the wire in my league, and I have no FAB left, and am in first. So effectively I'm getting scraps at this point anyways. I'm sticking with foreman for now. Mcnichols seems like a change of pace.
  5. My likely drop would need to be hill or Smith, I guess. Usually I don't bother keeping backup qbs or TEs. But murray got banged up last week and our wire is pretty bare at qb. And goedert is good, but could take a hit when ertz comes back. Keeping johnu around for that.
  6. For upside, take a shot with Hinton. Why not? Gio is on an awful bengals offense. Edwards may be the only guy on Baltimore that doesnt have covid. Can't imagine that bodes well. Harris could be good... or could be zero. New England offense...
  7. 12 team PPR league. Start 1qb, 2rbs, 2wrs,1te, 1regular flex spot. We have a short bench.. i'm in first place and closing in on a bye. My weak spot is bench depth, as I traded most to acquire studs. Have top handcuffs for 2 of my other stud RBs, but not Henry. I start henry in my flex spot. Should I grab his handcuff (foreman? Mcnichols?)? Who do I drop if so? Qb-murray, taysom hill Rb-kamara/murray, Aaron jones/Jamaal Williams, Derrick Henry Wr-mclaurin, boyd, Pittman Te-goedert, johnu Smith
  8. Should mention... im currently starting henry, mixon and edmonds flex, Robinson and fuller at WR, with ridley out. With this deal I'll be starting edmonds and henry at rb, adams, Robinson at wr, and likely fournette at flex until ridley returns.
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