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  1. They release these crap points league rankings then a espn guy does his top 200 H2H rankings story and they are pretty good. Why not have 3 different rankings for the 3 formats? Just pay josh to do them. These nfl guys suck.
  2. Are you using the app or full site? Full site. Not light draft you can change position.
  3. He is great. Too bad dubs don't need him to be great for 36mins. His numbers could be even higher.
  4. We have a league full of Aussies. Next year join if you want on espn.
  5. A punt block team that doesn't care for turnovers or fg% can be very elite in 5 cats still being competative in Rebs ,fg and turnovers.
  6. Any competitive H2H league usually comes down to the last game on the last day. So some duds from a stud does mean it's tj hurting his wins. Just saying.
  7. Gone. 3 games in next 10 days. Hi Jodie Meeks. Been a while.
  8. Glad he's starting with a B2B. Only 2 games next week too.
  9. I had him last year. He was great till injury. I had to do many trades and a couple lucky fa pickups to get my team straight. Took about 6 weeks with 5 losses after he went down. I can't draft him but his history shows every 3 years he is ok. That's this year.
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