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  1. I am going the other way with it. Have Hollister and OJ but playing OJ. More opportunities opening up for OJ in what projects to be a high scoring game against a defense that's been the 2nd worst in fantasy points vs TEs the last 5 weeks (only NYG have been worse). Hollister had his highest usage when Lockett wasn't quite himself, and now he appears to be back into form. Hollister does benefit ever so slightly from losing Josh Gordon, but Luke Willson is going to be back this game too. It's not an easy decision but thats where my instincts are pointing me.
  2. For the season, and considering their consistency throughout, I think I'd narrow it down to (in no particular order): DeVante Parker DJ Chark Darren Waller Steelers DST SF DST with an honorable mention but injuries and a tough schedule have taken a toll lately.
  3. Yeah. I'm real worried about his usage since the bye, and currently don't trust him enough to start him either. Rivers being in a funk makes it a lot easier decision for me to look elsewhere.
  4. Was he supposed to? I didnt start him because Detroit's been quite good in limiting TE fantasy points the last 3-5 weeks (8th best in doing so). Howard still got 6.1 in my PP1D league which by no means a bad day, all things considered imo. Next week he gets HOU which has been among the absolute worst in giving up TE fantasy points in the same time frame, so I'm more optimistic and almost certainly will play him. He's quietly had 3 decent games in a row too.
  5. He led the team in targets. Should only get more looks with Godwin out now too.
  6. With that logic, perhaps you really should completely bail on Lockett, because his QB has been an outlier for 8 years in the NFL.
  7. Wish I could feel comfortable playing him in this matchup, as I'm not super happy with my other options either, but if he gets through unscathed I'll have a lot more confidence rolling him out there on that ankle gong forward.
  8. Injuries starting to get in the way of what he can do :/ SF has made a clear concerted effort to not overwork their guys to keep them healthy but Breida still hitting injury snags the last couple weeks. This one seems much more concerning than getting poked in the eye though. Breida was a warrior dealing with a bum ankle (or ankles?) almost all last year but re-aggravated it often. Don't know the severity yet, but if you have a decent alternative this week, might be worth pivoting to them instead. SF should roll over ARI and aren't likely to have Breida doing much if they are, especially
  9. Jets D is not as bad as that stat. Most of that damage was done in their games without Darnold where the offense couldn't stay on the field at all. If you watched their games, i think you'd see a fairly solid defense. I put a decent amount of weight into DVOA ratings because in my opinion, it tells a better story of how different units are playing, and the Jets D is ranked solidly in both pass (17th best) and rush (6th best). You can read strictly into points allowed if you like, but I think in the cases of OAK (roasted via the pass) and NYJ D's (no offense in most of their games to keep t
  10. @Cle is the only one in that group that I would feel a tiny bit comfortable rolling him out there, and even that is dicey. PIT and NYJ have extremely solid defenses. Oak may be atrocious against the pass, but they're pretty good against the run - 11th in run defense DVOA, only Minnesota really ran well against them. Cleveland has a pass rush, otherwise their defense hasn't been good, but maybe with their 2 corners back the defense looks better by the time this game rolls around. Much can change, and alternate options are gonna be different for everyone, but none of these feel like bankable
  11. If you're in a tough bind with byes, and in certain league sizes, I can see some merit to dropping him. Personally though, I'm going to hold him until they completely commit to Haskins at QB, and even then I'll hold to see if Haskins shocks the world. WRs with extremely high snap count % and target share %s do not grow on trees, never mind the fact that Terry is incredibly good at football and has a great chemistry with Keenum who has been declared the starter when healthy.
  12. I just took a look at PFF WR/CB chart to see exact numbers, Lockett is in the slot 71% of the time, but in this matchup chart they expect Humphrey to shadow him. Whether that comes to fruition is unknown, but you'd have to have some amazing options to bench him on the toughest fantasy bye week so far this year, imo. Edit: I see Humphrey doesnt play in the slot as much (24%), and am not personally too afraid of a CB forced to play there to cover a WR that almost exclusively plays there.
  13. Returning great value for what I paid and I'm a fan of the consistent production. He's on pace for a very Doug Baldwin-esque stat line (1210 yards, 8 tds), which is what my personal expectations were. I feel like if anyone expected a drastically bigger season from him, they probably don't follow Russell or the Seahawks too closely, or recognize how Pete wants to play - and those are completely understandable aspects to overlook, or be hopeful "this year will be different". Russ has always spread the ball around, regardless of other "notable" players in the receiving corps or lack thereof.
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