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  1. You're a kid, because you're defending lonzo ball like a fanboy that is probably close to last in his league lol.
  2. overdrafted? he was ranked 51st LAST Year in my points league. He's ranked closed to the 100's this year on a per game basis. He's under performed. lol the revisionist history to defend a player that under performed based on every kind of league setup.
  3. I drafted Ball in the 6th round of my points league, he's performing like a 10th rounder. Those are the facts, sorry that triggers you. kid
  4. just gonna @ you after every garbage game.
  5. i dont see complaining i see people thinking out their strategy for certain categories,
  6. who the hell would complain that he's playing back to backs? wtf. you live in alternate dimension?
  7. i didn't drop and he's just a middling player in points leagues
  8. hield needs to bounce. really hindering tyrese from truly breaking out.
  9. the dude is so incredibly disingenuous...he's likely going to block you now. lol
  10. i think he was late for a switch and the main reason why the raptors lost...so he sucks. all good is null and void. am i doing it right?
  11. they plan on trading him, there's literally no other reason to keep him fresh for a garbage team where when he plays he takes playing time away from youth when he starts. they clearly want to pump him and dump him, while making sure he doesn't get hurt.
  12. did raptors fan gile pile post after his last game? you'd think the raptors fan would be happy about bouchers performance. 😅
  13. its just weird, that its either like 25+ minutes or nothing. never seen that before.
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