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  1. I ended up going with the 49ers over the Cardinals.
  2. Bell may get traded but I like Bell better than Carson if he stays on the Jets.
  3. I look the trade for you. I’d just be cautious of Bells schedule since the Jets are looking to trade him.
  4. I'm in an eliminator pool and can't seem to decide who to pick for this upcoming week. I have already used the Ravens, Patriots, Cowboys, Chargers, Eagles, Packers, Bills, and Steelers so I can't use them again. I’m currently leaning towards Jets over Dolphins. Who would you pick this week? Help would be appreciated. To make it easier for everyone here are the matchups available to me. 49ers/Cardinals(Pick em) Texans/Jaguars (Pick em) Redskins over Bills Bears over Eagles Titans/Panthers (Pick em) Colts over Steelers Vikings/Chiefs (Pick em) Jets/Dolphi
  5. It’s a bad trade but it’s not veto worthy
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