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  1. It was all Jeff wilson in the 2nd half. This is what is concerning to me. Why is Wilson getting the majority of touches in a close game?
  2. I think a lot of people were expecting Jesus to come back from IR. I just don't think that will be the case. Too many rbs on that team. He got 16 carries to wilson's 14 and everyone still wants to call him the bellcow. I don't see it. I wouldn't be surprised at all if there are games where has less touches than one of the other backs. Rb2, like you said, is more realistic.
  3. He looked ok. Didn't do much with his touches, had a costly fumble and ceded work to Jeff wilson down the stretch when the game was on the line You can't feel that comfortable if you're a Mosthurt owner. The backfield is a loaded mess
  4. I still think Davis kind of sucks. He hasn't shown anything since what, week 4 or so? If I have both I'm going with hyde. Assuming carson sits, of course.
  5. Only if hyde isn't fully healthy, imo. It sounds like he is though.
  6. Give him a minute to get acclimated. I'm sure he gets more toiches next week.
  7. Did you guys see him targeted on that bomb early in the first quarter? Must have been 50 air yards on that thing. Dude is a stud!
  8. I have no problem with alf's usage. For the most part gallman carried the load with morris sprinkled in All of the meaningful and goal line carries went to gallman. Even the clock killing carries.
  9. Did he practice yesterday? I don't see any updates
  10. Lots of talking in circles here. Lets see how it plays out this weekend.
  11. We really gonna fall for this again this year?
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