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  1. Bench 1 in PPR Swift Jacobs J. Taylor Godwin
  2. Comish, thoughts on 60s picks so we can finish up tonight?
  3. Something seems shady. You sent me an invite to join "F Covid E Playin" League. There is a full paragraph on the main page in the LM section talking about this being a slow draft. Can you seriously not see this?
  4. Did I join the wrong league? That seems odd, and confusing, that a description for a completely separate league would be put on this leagues main page, no?
  5. sorry man, im confused, this isnt a slow draft? What does it mean "If need be we will do a live draft to fill out rosters": "Slow Draft:Once League Is Full & Paid I Will Randomized Draft Order. Draft Pick Trades Will Be Available.We Will See How Far We Get & If Need Be We Will Do A Live Draft To Fill Out Our Rosters."
  6. If youre drafting tonight id be in. Says slow draft right on the main page
  7. It says FAAB but then someone said "Waivers reverse order of standings" Which one?
  8. Sorry man, didnt realize it was a slow draft. With 14 teams this will take too long for me. GL.
  9. Im down for all of that. Draft time? Im not home from work until 8pm PST (90 mins from now). If youre good with that I'll pay up
  10. Looking for a ESPN money league tonight 11EST or later. Send me an invite staheli.jeff@gmail.com
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