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  1. Gesicki's the drop for me. He's had some good weeks (and some bad ones), but I think it's worth it to hold Tonyan a few weeks and see if Rodgers has found a TE that he likes throwing to.
  2. Taylor, Sanders, Anderson, Jefferson, Mclaurin
  3. FYI, there is a thread on this exact question already
  4. I think this is the answer. If Thomas can't go, grab Guyton or one of those other LAC WRs who grabbed a TD last week and hope for the best.
  5. RB2: Mostert (or Kelley if Mostert doesn't play) WRs: Jefferson and Ridley Flex: Drake Mine?
  6. McKinnon if Mostert sits. I still think McKinnon has a role with Mostert in the line up, and would probably start him, but I would lean Drake if you want the floor and Crowder (who should still get targets) if you are reaching for a ceiling.
  7. I have no confidence TEN plays. I would go H.Brown, Taylor, and Conner. Mine?
  8. Nevermind. No NE game this week. Green for Brown and hope Julio can go.
  9. I'm not optimistic that TEN is going to play. I would go Edelman for Brown and Green for Julio if he can't go. Mine?
  10. I would think you need at least McKinnon back here, or ideally something with 2WR (DK plus one of Shenault or Higgins) and a RB coming back. Otherwise hold. Mine?
  11. (12 team PPR QB WR WR RB RB TE Flex K DST) I have Smith and Tonyan (bye) as my TEs. Close match-up this week and I don't want to get 0 from the position. My drop is Dobbins (other RBs are Jones, Jacobs, Lindsay, Edmonds), who plays at 1pm. I don't want to drop him before the game, but the available TEs at 1pm are a lot more appealing than the later options. Do I: A. Drop Dobbins ahead of 1pm for one of Sample, Akins, L. Thomas, Eifert, Arnold, or Herndon. B. Wait until after the BAL game to drop Dobbins for one of Burton, Dissley, or Rudolph C. Hang on to Dobbins and h
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