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  1. Acuna with some of the worst baserunning you'll ever see
  2. Feel bad for the guy who has to negotiate with a bunch of teenagers on a Buffalo offramp to get that Gittens HR ball.
  3. The two d's are for a double dose of dingers.
  4. Chatwood usually works fast, but he looked like he was at double speed today, relax bro.
  5. Antone getting rocked, no pitcher is safe in this game
  6. They won't cancel them, but they might not be ready for the beginning of the season. They are that dumb. It's starting to feel like when they were trying to launch their DFS platform in 2015.
  7. This is the same guy who had Joe Mauer in his top 10 like four years after his MVP season.
  8. Hand working on a really ugly double INF
  9. Does Flaherty ever not get crushed 3rd time through the order?
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