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  1. Have to live or die with Swift. Should be a good gamescript for him as long as they aren't 100% to limiting him, but we'll just have to take a leap.
  2. I'm debating [starting him] but the weather is scaring me. It looks like rain in Seattle.
  3. I feel like he's got some wrong information there, doesn't he? Did I miss where Swift was experiencing headaches this week? If that's wrong and he hasn't been, he's already cleared and logged a full practice on Friday. Unless I missed something, he should be good to go.
  4. I heard that Swift has only seen less than 4 targets once this season? If that's true, you have to play him. He'll get his normal split at the very least against a bad rushing team, and will get passing work if they fall down early. Fire him up!
  5. Love when guys on the internet say stuff like this. 😂 It's the same injury, but takes longer to heal the older you get. It sucks, but saying a guy like Julio is wimping out is comical.
  6. Dobbins. Feels like a Malcolm Brown week to me for some reason.
  7. This is tough. I think I'd roll with the Browns D because TNF are usually wildcards, but it's super close.
  8. I'd caution Akers tonight. I'm a rams fan and it just feels like a Malcolm Brown week (short week, akers and hendo banged up last week). I'd probably go Dobbins but I'm in the same boat. He's just the better talent.
  9. Bolded my choices. The only close one for me is Hines or Rojo for flex, but I feel like the Bucs will look good coming off a bye.
  10. Thanks for mine! I'd go with Woods. Definitely more risky but the Rams move him all over and Gilmore will see a lot of Reynolds. If you're a big favorite and just want safety though, go with Crowder.
  11. Thanks for mine! If Julio plays, I'd go Ryan. If not, then Rivers. Go with Lanrdy at flex. Ravens have been a decent matchup for WR laately.
  12. Thanks for mine! First one I'd lean Sanders. It's a tough call, but having a mobile QB can only help him. The only thing that scares me is that it's a tough matchup. I'd switch if it came out that CEH was back to a full workload but that's the only way. Second one I'd go Crowder with Mims out. Coutee has a good matchup in the slot but Crowder should get peppered and be playing from behind.
  13. I'd go Woods. They move him around a lot and Gilmore will end up on Reynolds a lot.
  14. It's tough but I'd lean Brady. TB coming off a bye was what swung it in his favor.
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