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  1. Stafford still has the COVID designation so watch that closely. I'd roll with Reed until he inevitably gets hurt, but by then AB's value will likely be higher.
  2. Tough one. I think AB will ball out with Brady. Are there any TE's with a pulse on your wire? You can definitely afford the trade with your WR depth but I think you are giving up too much. Thanks for mine.
  3. Thanks! Sorry I should have clarified that my FLX position is RB or WR only. hmmmmm......🤔
  4. 12 team standard scoring league. Feels like a must win week for me at 3-5. Should I go with lineup 1, 2, or 3? I also have Lindsay on my bench I could use. 1. QB - Murray WR1 - Hopkins WR2 - Claypool RB1 - Henry RB2 - Montgomery TE - Hurst OR Fant FLX - Antonio Brown K - Koo DST - Cards 2. QB - Murray WR1 - Hopkins WR2 - Claypool RB1 - Henry RB2 - Montgomery TE - Hurst OR Fant FLX - Fournette K - Koo DST - Cards 3. QB - Murray WR1 - Hopkins WR2 - AB
  5. I've been trying to shop either Kupp or Singletary but not surprisingly no takers. A team just offered me Dobbins for Kupp. Should I accept? 12 team standard scoring league. QB - Murray, Bridgewater WR - Hopkins, Golladay, Kupp, Higgins, Claypool, A. Brown RB - Henry, Montgomery, Fournette, Singletary, L. Murray TE - Hurst, Fant K - Koo DST - Rams
  6. I'd do it, I don't usually like carrying more than 1 DEF. Thanks for mine!
  7. I really like Shenault but I'd go Claypool for the upside. Thanks for mine.
  8. 12 team standard scoring league. Some team dropped Cam. I've had the number 1 waiver for weeks now and feel like this is the week to use it. Should I grab Cam and possibly use him as trade bait (it's very hard to trade in this league). Or should I go with the upside that Claypool has? I'd be dropping Sammy. Here's my team qb - Murray wr - Hopkins, Golladay, Kupp, Watkins, Higgins rb - Henry, Montgomery, Singletary, Fournette, Mattison, L Murray te - Hurst, Fant k - Koo dst - Rams
  9. So who is the 2nd RB on the Bears now, Patterson?
  10. 12 team standard scoring league. I have WW priority #2. I can't tell if this weeks waivers are gold or fools gold. Seems every top option has their question marks. What should I do? I need to win this coming week. Waiver options are: 1. Mike Davis (probably only good for 3-6 weeks, but I that could still help me get out of this hole) 2. Darrell Henderson (He looked great last game but still worried about a possible 3 headed RBBC) 3. Freeman (Let's just assume he gets picked up by the Giants) 4. Trequan Smith (not worth wasting my waiver position on, right
  11. Nothing has been encouraging??? He's the clear workhorse on a team that likes to pound the ball. He has 56 carries thru 2 games. Big games are coming.
  12. How do we feel about this guy? I know the TE's are the ones to own in Philly but I like the deep threat here. He was on the field a lot this past weekend but I didn't get to see the game.
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