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  1. Dak - Thanks for the reply, and for the feedback. Implementing your suggestion would be moving backwards in time. We eliminated the 6th place payout so that the League Champ could get a ring. As cheesy as it might seem, it was one of the more popular changes we made. Sounds like this league isnt isn’t for you. Good of luck this year in all your leagues. Chad
  2. Looking for someone to fill an open vacancy in the league. A few details about the admin portion: League site is on MyFantasyLeague.com (http://www65.myfantasyleague.com/2018/home/12461#0) We have a comprehensive and robust League Constitution The League has been running strong for 5 years, and was a bit of a reboot from a league that'd been running for 12 years prior $100 league fee. All monies are held on LeagueSafe, and payouts are done as soon as the season is over In addition to the payouts to the winner (top 5), there is a championship ring Draft is Sunday Aug 26th, 2 PM Pacific Time DRAMA FREE!!! Starting Positions QB RB (x2) WR (x2) TE Flex (RB/WR/TE) PK Defy/ST Details on scoring: 1/2 Point PPR 0.04 Points for every passion yard -2 Points for Interceptions/Fumbles Lost 4 Points for Passing TD's 6 Points for Rushing/Receiving TD's 0.1 Point for every yard Rushed/Received 3 Points for FG An additional 0.1 Point for every FG over 30 yards Etc... you get the idea I'm sure there are something's I've left out but you get the idea. This year we've put in place a "Choose Your Draft Slot" process. There will be a random draw to select the order, and after that, there'll be a process for owners to pick their Draft Slots. Owners will have an opportunity to pick the Slot they want (out of what's remaining) based on their individual strategy. If any of this interests you, please email me at Aagro12@gmail.com. Please reference something about this posting in the subject line so that it catches my eye. Cheers! Chad
  3. I may have a spot available in my league. The caveat is that the buy in is $100. The upside is is we hit all your other requirements (League Safe, Blind Bids, etc.). I’m just waiting for one of the previous owners, who was a last minute fill in last season, to get back to me. He’s been Un responsive and if I haven’t heard back from him by tomorrow EARLY morning, I’m going to move on. If you’re still interested after reading through this, shoot me an email at aagro12@gmail.com or aagro12@outlook.com and I’ll send you the league by-laws and settings. Cheers! Chad
  4. Similar question as above on the payment. Please shoot out me the LeagueSafe invite when you get a chance. I know you're busy trying to get this thing organized. Appreciate the work you're puttin in.
  5. TonyVH: You have a PM. I have an opening in a league drafting this Saturday. ReDraft; $100 League Safe; 1/2 pt PPR http://www65.myfantasyleague.com/2017/home/12461#0
  6. We have one spot remaining in a 12 Team Re Draft League. http://www65.myfantasyleague.com/2017/home/12461#0 The Draft is this Saturday at 8pm EST. If interested, please reply here and/or shoot me an email at Aagro12@Gmail.com, or Aagro12@Outlook.com. Cheers! ~Chad
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