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  1. After Snell got repeatedly stuffed last week, including on 4th and 1, I’ll be surprised if they use him on the goal line this week. I’m starting Conner this week. Pitt has too many reasons to use him after their first loss of the season, the offense is good, the matchup is good, and I’d rather lose it with Conner than an equally uncertain option like Antonio Brown or CEH.
  2. I don’t know what happened yesterday. But watching Mostert get two big gains on the first series was the high point in terms of excited anticipation. Seeing Coleman’s corpse zombie walk up to the huddle later in the game, getting carries Mostert unquestionably should have gotten, was the low point in terms of despair. Pretty much resigned to the fact that Mostert’s next 150+ yard performance this season will do nothing for me because he’ll be planted on my bench. Such a shame.
  3. Agreed. When Lock plays this guy gets looks.
  4. Jordan Reed is another streamer option who plays at 830 Monday night. So he might also be available as a back-up plan who would provide more time to see if any positive Andrews news comes out Monday. Doesn’t sound likely though. And for the record I’ve had a love hate relationship with reed for most of his career, and he’s generally burnt me. Tons of skill, always seems to get hurt in the first quarter and not return. But I can’t seem to quit him.
  5. He’s set and forget in any matchup, IMO. As stated, playing a tough defensive front only helps Johnson.
  6. Same, but I don’t think Herbert is a bad play. Only thing is Chargers play the Pats this week. So I could have the Pats ruin me for 2 weeks straight. Seems like something the fantasy football gods would do. Maybe better just stick with Kyler?
  7. C’mon, Watson has to overthrow SOMEBODY now that Fuller is out.
  8. As a Colts D owner who got a -2 this week from my DST slot, I can assure you there could have worse outcomes than what you’re weighing!
  9. I can’t imagine starting any Denver WR other than this dude, but I also can’t imagine starting this dude. For those that have to pick Hinton or Patrick/Jeudy/Fant, I get it. Playing Hinton over AB or Pittman types, that seems very risky. What’s his realistic ceiling? 15 points? Maybe 18-20 in an absolutely ideal scenario? I feel like 7 pts or worse is just as likely. And if they run option plays he won’t get any points for every option pitch.
  10. FWIW, ESPN platform has him listed as a QB, not WR. AND he’s on waivers til Thursday, which makes no sense to me because he hasn’t been owned all year. In any event, it’s an intriguing play for those who can put him at WR, but on ESPN you can’t. Good luck everyone.
  11. Well Denver is playing the saints this week with NO available QBs, so I wouldn’t recommend starting him. Royce Freeman (RB) and Kendall Hinton (WR) are the two being tabbed as most likely to play QB. Very hard to imagine Jeudy being your best option this week.
  12. Rodgers for Philly has been serviceable. Fairly low snap count but Wentz finds him. It’s not ideal but if you have a bench spot and want a fallback option if bad news comes on late Sunday/Monday for Andrews, Rodgers may be the only option out there.
  13. I don’t know specifics of his illness. But I know it’s Jordan Reed we are talking about. If everything sets up perfectly in terms of opponent, expected usage, expected gameflow, and you actually need to rely on him for production, Jordan Reed will find a way to be unavailable for health reasons.
  14. Same boat, and it’s a tough call. Also have several other high floor flex options. He’s coming off of injury, the two other top backs are expected to play, and it’s Shanahan. But every game Mostert has played, he’s been the number 1, and every full game he’s played he’s gotten between 11 and 19 touches. He is gameflow proof, and there may not be a more explosive RB in the league, in terms of being a risk to score any touch from anywhere on the field into 6 points. To me the question is simply the injury. Are they going to ease him in or let him loose? I’m not worried about the mat
  15. That scumbag isn’t even in the game on Bucs’ base personnel, which is two TE sets with Godwin and Evans wide. I’d love to see a breakdown but it sure didn’t seem like Brady was thriving in those formations last night. So I’m not sure how Brown is the problem. But regardless, that scumbag may just help me win some money.
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