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  1. Lmao I know you guys that started him are sick, hes not better than Zeke.
  2. Solid outing, Im taking him in the 2nd round if kelce isnt available.
  3. Number one pick next year if Brees comes back. His handcuff is solid too.
  4. He was a starting RB last game and averaged 1.1 YPC, imagine.
  5. Gus found a way to score lol, I think JK will be able to punch one in.
  6. Who started the culture of going for it on 4th and short when there's an easy 3 points to be obtained?
  7. Hope you didn't start him, his past two weeks should have been red flags.
  8. Depending on the size of the league he may go before the 3rd to last round.
  9. We wasn't supposed to last the whole season, and he didnt lol.
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