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  1. You can make a good argument for having Mack rated over Jones simply based on volume. Jones is on a much better offense though.
  2. I played around a few years ago with this idea. I found the best...and most irritating...strategy is to start their kicker. That way you are getting a point for every TD they throw plus more points when a stall drives. I'm not sure it's actually effective from a statistical viewpoint but it can be psychologically aggravating. Also in a desperate situation start the opposing defense if it's a decent one. I won a playoff game with that strategy against Matt Ryan years ago bc I was way behind and my only hope was for him to throw a bunch of picks to make up the difference. Every time he threw one
  3. Just thought it might be helpful to list top 25 in pts so far this season after 2 weeks to show how they differ from expectations. Ekeler Cook CMC D Henry...if include last night he comes in first...barely. Jacobs Ingram Zeke Saquon Mack DJ Bell Malcolm Brown Carson Mostert Aaron Jones Chubb Gurley Devin Singletary Jeff Wilson Kerryon Barber Damien Fournette...this is after 3 games played...ouch. Montgomery James White The difference between Ekeler and tent
  4. Best advice anyone ever gave me in FF and stock market: The trend is your friend. Whats most likely to happen is exactly whats been happening when it comes to Chark.
  5. [...] Thing about taking Mahomes it virtually guarantees playoffs barring injury. Rest of your team doesn't have to be stacked bc most weeks you are absolutely waxing your opponent at the QB spot. Now with Brews and Big Ben out it makes Mahomes with an early pick even better in hindsight.
  6. I'm definitely buying the situation. KM should be chunking it all year
  7. I want to believe this guy is legit but honestly I think he is way too small. Baltimore will be a good test. Teams that can rush will be all over him... Teams that can't will just have their D line put their hands up. I predict a lot of batted interceptions this year.
  8. Watching Giants game its pretty clear Engram is their best receiver by a long shot. He will be fighting for top 2 by years end. All they really have is Bark and EE.
  9. Yeah four or five RZ scores plus a few slants taken to the house in garbage time is more realistic right now imo than consistent yards every week...but u never know. He is definitely talented.
  10. I think 8tds are more likely than 1k yards believe it or not
  11. I wouldn't write him off so soon. He will have some great games this year. Ofc Tonkin doesn't inspire much confidence. They kept going empty backfield even when it clearly wasn't working.
  12. I like Hock a little bit better. But if I already had Waller I might just save my priority or let it rise
  13. I think he is flex worthy already and an obvious RB2 if Kamarra goes down...hope he doesn't off. Thought he looked really good tonight.
  14. Six sacks tonight...Watson was running for his life vs Browns in preseason. Only reason I avoided Nuke. He's awesome but that offensive line is scary for all the wrong reasons.
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