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  1. Taking the best player available based on who is left is a good strategy! And it might involve drafting a TE or even a WR in the first round. That's not zero-RB. Zero-RB s the idea that the increased risk of injuries to RBs outweighs the reward of the massive weekly points spike that a top RB can give you, and also means that finding RB points later on the draft is easier than at other positions. And so you should just load up on wide receivers in the first rounds and then grab RB3s and RB handcuffs. This has been decisively disproven. It is a bad idea. But it continues to linger on, beca
  2. You can make anything work! That doesn't make it a strategy. Just start calling it zero-RB "thing I accidentally made too big a part of my identity" and stop publishing it on gambling advice websites.
  3. This is a place for just bluntly expressing something that should be obvious. There is no such thing as a zero-RB strategy. The concept has been completely discredited. If you agree, please chime in. I guess that this has become a consensus opinion because the current front page article about Zero-RB in 2021 acknowledges that the strategy is basically a "worldview" (cult) not an actual way to increase your chances of winning your league. And it also admits that the strategy* only works in PPR leagues with "five or six flexes." I doubt that even this is true but it doesn't matter since the
  4. Chase Edmonds, Justice Hill, Darwin Thompson, Justin Jackson, Henderson, Pollard, Armstead, Bonafante... it's a long list of handcuff busts this year.
  5. I really hit and drafted DJ / Chubb / Aaron Jones / Moore / Godwin / Ridley / Lamar / Gallup / Hooper / Ronald Jones / Chark. Until the finals I was just starting guys from my draft but this week finally got overtaken with injuries and started Perriman, and will probably start Boone over Chark / Gallup.
  6. I don't quite agree! David Jonson was a first round pick last year, and he was the player on the most championship fantasy rosters. I think I'd describe it more as finding the guys who will outplay their positions, with the "positions" being RB1, RB2, WR1, WR2, etc. Sorry, I don't mean to be splitting hairs... but this kind of "leagues are won in the later rounds, or on the waiver wire" fatalism is too similar to zero-RB to me. (And I think Zero-RB is a completely discredited draft strategy. It's done.) It can be used as justification for playing the first round safe. That's
  7. Though, if you have a crystal ball, you don't need either of your first two picks for anything.
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