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  1. George Hill is 40 yo I don't know how situation could be better for Maledon no matter who will start
  2. Maledon was expected to be a lottery pick last season I don't know why he fell 34th I'm european and consider him better than Hayes (played in more competitive team and league too)
  3. yes, Maledon is better for fantasy looking at the OKC roster I think it's impossible he doesn't make the rotation since game 1 competitors are George Hill (probably will be traded), Frank Jackson and Lu Dort He has talent and size to become starter sooner than later
  4. Theo Maledon and Pokusevski both talented and both could play ton of minutes in OKC disaster roster Don't fear competition by George Hill, Dort or Bazley the two rookies are much better
  5. what about Dennis Smith jr? asking for a friend
  6. Lot of Playing Time for sure Betted on him last season but he didn't work well with Doncic
  7. Spurs clearly don't like this guy I don't know why they don't trade him
  8. He's a good player but Mavs use him at the end of the bench he could easily be a nice starter in some other team
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