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  1. I feel like I should had been more in on Diggs this year considering I loved him in Minny. I guess I just wasn't thinking. Dude's incredible.
  2. This dude is getting abused by Anthony Lynn's coaching. Lynn needs to be canned ASAP before he can ruin him more.
  3. Kliff, for being some sort of offensive guru, has absolutely vanilla play calls and design my goodness.
  4. Imagine not having Hopkins in the ball game on 3rd and 4th down. What freaking idiots.
  5. I can understand using Gus, but there's absolutely no redeeming quality about playing Hill on third downs. That's a joke.
  6. I mean isn't a majority of the country at work while at home?
  7. Yea it's a little more nuanced than just "one player". There's a litany of special rules that pertain the QB position, to think it would be blasphemous to have that roll over to COVID policies seems laughable. That's like saying we can still fly the plane even though both the pilot and co-pilot are out. Just have a stewardess do it.
  8. Dude is he a bum or is it just the Eagles? I don't get it. He dropped at least 2 catchable balls.
  9. You envisioned him catching 12 balls 130 yards and 1 TD weekly for a season total of 192/2080/16 line?
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