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  1. I think I would be all over this, you're getting an arguably top 15 dynasty guy for a top 40 guy and a toss in IMO. Thanks for the help on mine
  2. What type of league? Murray/Holiday/Waiters/Wade/Randolph/Burks is what I would lean off of pure production value.
  3. Would it change your mind if it was Wiggins/Dragic and not Melo? That's what he countered with. CHecking yours out!
  4. Take it for sure. Could be a rough couple week stretch waiting, but will be worth it in the long run. Thanks for the help with mine
  5. ESPN H2H Categories League. I've been offered 2 separate trades : Drummond for Carmelo and Dragic or Drummond/Redick for Vucevic/Bledsoe The rest of my lineup is as folows: Lillard, Carroll, Cauley-Stein, Murray, GIannis, Smart, Brogdon, A. Davis, Young, Ingles Appreciate any insight and WHIR!
  6. What type of league/categories do you play?
  7. Prefer Gray and Matz to Roark. I think I'd take Gray by a small bit, but also think Matz starts to turn it around.
  8. Hey guys, play in a dynasty league, 6x6 w/ R,HR,RBI,SB,OBP,SLG and W,SV,K,HLD,ERA,WHIP. Have been offered Aaron Sanchez and Keon Broxton for Aaron Nola. All 3 players are controllable for 3 more years after this season. Sanchez's blister issues worry me, but I feel like he may have the most upside. WHIR
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