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  1. birdfry@msn.com interested lets see rules down with snake or auction
  2. I am down lets make this happen. birdfry@msn.com when we get close to enough I will pay. set ur up
  3. no it just means I won't respond right away. shoot me and invite I will pay up and join just give me and hour or 2. I already have the cash on the books at leaguesafe so not a money matter just a i am a mechanic not on a pc at work kind of thing.
  4. if this does not get going and you decide to do one tomorrow night birdfry@msn.com . I have my local draft tonight so....
  5. hey tbd you still following this? I would be interested. birdfry@msn.com
  6. been in a few auctions and would like to do a good old snake draft. leaguesafe only. open to IDP, superflex, etc. birdfry@msn.com
  7. thx no big deal stuff happens have a good draft and league. 😃
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