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  1. Can't wait for fantasy playoffs when baynes 35 year old rickety body is cooked or shut down for the tank, and boucher is winning chips for everyone that held
  2. This didn't age well. Drummond and loves old asss will be shut down or gone come fantasy playoffs
  3. Drive, don't run for isaiah stewart. Blake's done.
  4. Harden is so much better, the cream always rises to the top. Plus Kyrie's injury prone and a headcase. Hope they lose this game
  5. Seemingly bad situation but it's perfect. Will destroy 2nd units. Lots of blow outs.
  6. Lebron faced five 59+ win teams in the eastern conference during finals runs, MJ faced three 59+ win teams during his finals runs. Jordan couldn't, and didn't win without Pippen. Win-loss record without pippen 1985: 39-47 1986: 30-55 1987: 40-45. He won one solitary playoff game without him, 1. Playoff win percentage without an all-star LeBron: 58% MJ without Pippen: 10%
  7. Imagine if Lebron only had that kind of opponents as MJ had. How many championships he would've won.
  8. Who played the best individual game in NBA history? Did LeBron James play the 3 greatest games in a row to end the 2016 NBA Finals? Here's a deep dive into LeBron's Game 5, Game 6 and Game 7 against the 73-win Golden State Warriors that drove Cleveland's 3-1 comeback. Other great 3-game stretches from a playoff series: -Elgin Baylor, 1961: Final 3 games of WCF averaged 41.7 ppg 17.7 rpg but didn't shoot well (49.5% TS) -Wilt, 1967: G3-G5 ECF: 20-41-9, 20-22-10, and then 29-36-13 (54.4% TS) -Kareem 1977, G4-G6 WCSF: 43 ppg 18.7 rpg 3 apg (65% TS) -Bird 1986: G1-G3 Finals averaged 25.7 ppg 10.3
  9. Jordan didn't have to contend with a generation behind him - go look at the drafts from '86-'95; there was very little top-end talent entering the league and a good number of 'em were on the Bulls. Jordan also played in a watered-down league as the NBA expanded from 23 teams to 30, and the West was the deeper conference back then. So basically when Jordan was winding down his prime, all his competition was ALSO winding down theirs, and most were even older than he was. LeBron, meanwhile, has had to play his last two Finals against TWO league MVPs in their prime that partnered up while his "
  10. 1st 3 peat Lakers had Magic with aids and no Kareem. Drexler by himself. Then Barkley, and Kevin Johnson lol. He's the GOAT coach regardless. Bulls couldn't beat Shaq and Penny in the 1995 eastern conference finals and he wasn't rusty he dropped 2 50 point games prior to that series, they needed Rodman. Rodman's offensive rebounding won the following 1996 series, most long time Bulls fans agree. Jordan not only shot terribly from the field, he was absolute s--- in the fourth quarters too (shot 33.3% in them, and only 15.4% in the fourth quarters of the three close games). In the two c
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