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  1. When will he get eligibility for 2B on ESPN?
  2. 1 vote for most pathetic lineup.
  3. I wouldn't worry about it too much. Vaccine's are here and I think "outbreaks" are going to be few. I think its a problem having a lot of guys on say the Pirates, but if you're talkin LAD, SD, CHW you're probably doing the fantasy thing right.
  4. Grisham is at the top of my list on a great team. Marte then Hayes.
  5. Wilman Diaz, SS LAD Garrett Crochett, RP CWS Mick Abel, P PHI Robert Hassell, OF SD How would you rank those guys in FYPD? My 2nd round pick is coming up and they are all still available. Snagged Garrett Mitchell, OF MIL with my 1.11 pick.
  6. Look at the tabs on the bottom of the sheet.
  7. Thanks guys. A deal has been finalized.
  8. How's your league on trades? If you are able to trade a lot and there are some win clear win now teams, I'd keep Darvish, but trade him within the first month or so while his stock is highest. If there's not a lot of trade action, drop Darvish. I know he's good and has a great situation, but it can't last. He is just too old. Hiura or Luzardo would be my second drop depending on roster slots.
  9. lolol, where'd you come from.... @larfboy
  10. Really hard for me to throw back Devers over DJ. Depending on your league, what do you think will be available in the draft at 2B/1B? Do you have a shot at getting DJ back? I think you have a better shot of getting DJ back in a draft than you do Devers. I like Devers being young as a keeper better. help me?
  11. Stanton and Muncy for me. Could make the case for Happ instead of Muncy, but I like Muncy with LAD and getting the counting stats for ya. Help me?
  12. I'd take a chance on AR. If he pans out, you've got C locked up for a while which is always a pain in the behind to deal with during the season. McKenzie seems to have a lot going for him, but his skinny and has had arm issues in the past, with a velocity dip during last season that I haven't full investigated yet. McKenzie is nice, but he has his warts is all I'm saying. Might as well take the risk on C where if he pans out could really be difference maker. If you're able to trade AR, like @ST. STEVEN suggested, I'd be ok with that too since it's likely that his trade value won't be high
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