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  1. i like 250+50, is this espn? Ive got all my yahoo slots used up
  2. consider just having 1 division and the top 2 teams get a bye? that way nobody loses out making playoffs by playing in a stronger division and the true best teams make it.
  3. in if we draft tonight. can't do any other night this week other than tonight or Friday
  4. 200 for highest scoring week is stupid. thats giving 200 bucks out of the pot for what in all likelihood is pure luck. if anything, id be for weekly top score, but giving a prize to the highest score of the year is luck more than skill and id rather skill or as close as there is to it be rewarded.
  5. interested but youve only got 1 so far. are you firm on payouts? what about taking 200 off 1st place so its 1300 and adding a 200 price for top scorer or regular season winner?
  6. interested if it is drafting tonight but it doesnt look promising if you need 8 more (7 after me)
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