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  1. 12 Teamer Draft, Draft Grade B 1) Barkley 2) Conner 3) Golladay Thus it's not always how you start. If you keep grinding throughout the season, you can still win a championship if you miss early. 4 Free Agent/Waiver starters Week 16.
  2. Throw out the year 2020. I'm not sure we'll ever see anything like it again. Bottom line, you need luck in the playoffs to win the championship. It's almost impossible to lead wire to wire in football, compared to fantasy baseball.
  3. [...] I still think Hurts was a top 5 fantasy play. He should be a good QB for the 2021 season, given the enormous edge of rushing yards.
  4. All I can think of is the Keenan Allen game, ugh😓
  5. Trending toward being a Brandon Allen game.
  6. Sanders overall RB1 week. Hurts should still get his.
  7. Bruh🥴, Arod brought you to the big dance.. GL
  8. Blowup spot.. Hurts makes this offense hum. He had several carries in close last game but unable to convert. 120/2 total yards/TDs wouldn’t surprise.
  9. Anyone have the stomach to start him in the championship if lead back? Running game finally did something Monday night, as Ben struggled BAD.. Volume based low RB2 against Indy if active I think. Tempted to flex.. (Have Both Snell/Connor)
  10. Yes.... QB threw for 89 yards in the WIN👀.. Gio should be volume driven low end RB2
  11. Only problem is this Niners Offense is a wreck. Rosen signed to back up Beathard, Deebo Out for year, Aiyuk #1 WR. Line opened at +3 but public hammering Zona. Scoring opportunities might be few. High risk volume driven low end RB2.
  12. Uncle Lenny if he’s floating on the wire (Jones Covid), so lots of potentials pending, check your waiver wire.
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