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  1. Could have been a monster line if he didn't foul out.
  2. Picked him up over Mo Wagner! Hopefully I made the right decision.
  3. Sounds good! All aboard the Baconator Train!
  4. They could slide Bridges to SF if Batum is dealt and let PJ play 4 or 5.
  5. The thing is Batum is still there (currently nursing an injury). If at some point Batum will be bought out and Charlotte focuses on youth development then PJ is going to be a great pick (if still available).
  6. Worth picking over Rjax? This dude still floating in waiver wire of my league.
  7. Jerami is still floating on waiver wire in my league. Thinking of dropping RJAX for Jerami.
  8. Mo can produce in bunches if given enough minutes on the floor as we've seen during the preseason. Wizards are on a rebuild mode and may prioritize minutes to younger guys like Mo this season. Got him as my last pick.
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