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  1. My guess is after looking at the minutes rotation being more or less the same as Saunders', the new coach is going to use the next few games to analyze who fits best around a system where KAT is more focused on as the main playmaker (not gonna call it "point-KAT" just yet). Hard to say who is the best fit for now.
  2. Great find on this. Reading through this still leaves me a bit confused on what he could potentially do at the 4. I really was quite enamored by Vanderbilt's potential play making ability after his willingness to be a hustle player so it does excite me at the prospect of Vanderbilt maybe seeing some more of that. But it also makes sense for a coach to expand the floor around KAT with more shooters and McDaniels & Juancho fit that description (though McDaniels being a better defensive presence and energy guy).
  3. Could also argue the same for Vanderbilt or any of the scrubs that play PF on the team (Layman, Juancho). Definitely something to monitor at the meantime.
  4. Interesting. I knew he was a guy who was explosive as hell but I didn't think he'd be someone that highly regarded in terms of talent. Guess I'll be monitoring this even more closely as well.
  5. Jesus, how deep is your league??? Hard for me to even consider making that move in a 14-team league.
  6. Somewhere in the world, @hornrimmed_rambisand I are doing a coordinated dumb looking celebratory dance together in spirit.
  7. Yea just scooped him before halftime ended on the premise that Len didn't sniff a single minute by that time.
  8. It'll be hard but the best way to do it is to try to go after someone who's been slumping bad. It also doesn't help that Yahoo which uses Sports Edge's blurbs keeps on putting notes on how he should be a sell high right now. When people read that note, it's normal to feel like they'll be getting gyped in the long run.
  9. Snatched him myself in a 14-teamer shortly after I learned about the injury to Plumlee. Funny enough it happened when a friend from my league told me he was dubious about the Plumlee offer I made him earlier during the Pacers game & I just ran to the FA pool to add him. That said, the elbow bursitis Plumlee has isn't expected to keep him out long and I wouldn't be shocked to see if Casey just sticks with Plumlee the rest of the way.
  10. Silently rooting he makes it there. I was such a believer in him during his rookie year but it's a shame he just hasn't gotten it together.
  11. I'd say with the way his minutes have trended up, he's gotten the starting nod (for now), and he's in the top 5 of 3PT% for the entire league, he's definitely worth rostering/streaming in a 14-team league. I'm not sure how updated this list below is but thats what the website says: https://en.hispanosnba.com/stats/players/leaders/3-point-percentage
  12. Good lord, it's become a REAL trend that I make topics about players who show upside for one game, but have been historically gross to own. With that out of the way, they've started him for 2 games in a row next to Ayton getting 29 mins in his first game and 34 mins in the next one. The fact that they kept him there in a 1 point game is strange but we can't ignore the fact that he played more minutes over Cam and Crowder. The line he had today screams "Fool's Gold" (14-8-8 with 2 3s, 0 stocks) but it's definitely something worth paying attention to if Monty Williams sticks to it.
  13. I actually think he could be for a stretch IF the roster is stuck to having the 8 players they had today. Muscala, Roby, and Maledon are out and if they play again with just that short lineup, that's like a near guaranteed 30+ mpg for anyone in the rotation. For long term, it's going to be hard to imagine that happening if Daigneault prefers SGA as a 2 (when he plays the 1, thats the best way Diallo gets large minutes).
  14. To be fair, the blurb writer wasn't expecting Maledon to be hit with a COVID protocol. I did cut him after seeing Dort & SGA all back and Maledon still in the starting lineup so it just made sense.
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