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  1. J.C Jackson is a stud as well and more than capable of clamping down either woods or coop. Gilmore isn't the only guy to worry about here. With that said I'm not expecting a huge game but realistically hoping for something like 6-90-0
  2. It's definitely not Arnette. 2 concussions in 2 weeks and they just signed Worley.
  3. Take it with a grain of salt but I consider that positive news. Missing a Wednesday practice is typical so no panic yet
  4. If anyone watched the Ravens/Steelers game, he was on the sideline more than he should've been. Made me scratch my head a few times. So this has been a multi week thing, not just today
  5. No it's not. He doesn't even need feet. Or hands. He can play with his mind
  6. If there's a positive to take out of the Gruden quote it's that he wasn't specifically speaking about JJ and his individual status. Jacobs is one of the tougher RB's in the NFL, and as the raiders battle for the playoffs, I think he plays. /optimism
  7. Didn't watch the 2nd half. He got benched? LOL Imagine benching Randy Moss 2.0. They deserve that loss.
  8. Not understanding how having a false positive doesn't clear you from the covid list....
  9. Kerryon had 100 yards from scrimmage and they refuse to keep him in the game. Unreal. Bad teams stay bad. Hope Patricia gets canned tomorrow.
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