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  1. The 6th round rookie QB isn't playing that bad. I don't think you can blame him for Fournette's struggles.
  2. Yeah people are being ridiculous. There are series where Gurley is out and they don't sub rbs in. Brown is going to score a few times this year on those drives but he is by no means the goal line back. It's not like they're pulling Gurley at the 1. He's still getting the majority of the carries.
  3. There is way too much content out there from other analysts that is either free or significantly less money. Nobody's special enough to charge $200 for fantasy football advice.
  4. That's some bush league bull****. Rules like that shouldn't be changed midseason. Also on an unrelated note idk why everyone doesn't switch to auction waivers.
  5. because he was going in the first in so many leagues before this news
  6. They suspended him for 6 games and he wasn't even convicted or even charged with anything. I'd say it's extremely unlikely his suspension is reduced at all. Goodell The league wants to make an example of him.
  7. Probably the Patriots as another middle finger to Goodell when they win the superbowl again this year
  8. bunch of salty non owners in this thread
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