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  1. I'd likely hold onto Freeman and use him or one of your other RB's as trade bait later in the season with your RB depth. I always stream defenses, and assuming freeman signs, he's worth more than a defense.
  2. I'd go with Hunt & Akers. Thanks for helping with mine!
  3. 12 team league .5 PPR. My first keeper is Lamar Jackson. Who would you keep as your second keeper (only allowed to keep players you drafted rounds 6 and later and this is what I'm left with)? Rojo Diontae Johnson John Brown Mecole Hardman Allan Lazard WHIR- leave your link.
  4. I'd definitely roll with Mostert! Potential to have a monster week now that he's going to get more opportunity.
  5. I'd pick up Buffalo and leave everything else the same. Pittsburgh will likely turn the ball over a few times. Sub-par offense against a solid D.
  6. Definitely keep riding Robinson- dude has been beast mode. And I'd go with Mostert. Sounds like he's the lead guy there now.
  7. I'd go with Higbee if Everett is out. And would definitely go with Tyreek! I can't imagine having him blow up on your bench lol.
  8. If Everett is out, I'd roll with Higbee. If Everett plays, I'd go with Hollister.
  9. I would go with Slayton if it's .5 PPR! http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/791499-j-brown-r-jones-or-b-perriman-whir/
  10. Definitely Jacobs! Dude's a beast and he'll be good to go.
  11. For me it would be between Lindsay and Kupp. If it's PPR I would go with Kupp. If standard, I would go with Lindsay.
  12. I would definitely go with Brown. High ceiling and safe floor. He alone could win you your week!
  13. Thielen and Mack baby!!! Thielen should be fresh and ready to go.
  14. Who would you flex this week? .5 PPR. WHIR John Brown at Pittsburgh Ronald Jones at Detroit Breshad Perriman at Detroit? WHIR! Leave your link
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